2016 wasn't the best year of my life. Through tears and dark places, I could find a way to ease, smile and clearly see that I still have so many things to learn and improve. Beautiful things will always happen, but more than ever, I’m, aware that deep pains will come along eventually. I’ll always have to deal with it, because that's what life is about.

Life is beautiful, life is ugly. Life is happening, you gotta learn.

So, Thanks 2016.

Here are the lessons I choose to learn from you, what I decided to focus on for 2017. You taught me my Faith was not strong enough. My Faith in God, my Faith in myself. Shame on me... Strengthen my Faith is an urgent need. I have to trust my blessings.

Focus much more on myself : my health, my wellbeing, my dreams, my own goals.

Never ever let doubt turn me into another person. Stand tall and do my thing the way I think it should be done. Never mind if somebody tries to mindset me or when, because of weakness and fear, I'm tempted to follow other rules and values, I’ll just stand tall and follow my heart and soul.

Keep on working on becoming a better and stronger person.

Reach a higher Wisdom. I want to listen more. Give good advices with Love, not for Love. Without any condescending tone.

Do my best to contribute positively to one of the most important thing for to me in this world : SISTERHOOD.

And finally, THE MOST IMPORTANT, raise my daughter Malia, with Love, Values, Freedom and Wisdom. Be a good mother, make my daughter a happy human being who spreads Joy around her, is definitely the greatest and most universal contribution I can do to make this Earth a better place.

To you all, I wish lots of learning and progress, a very good health, beautiful moments, with family, with friends. Don’t stay mad. Cry if you have to, but keep on moving and keep on loving.

Have some understanding and remember Peace is an energy that can be spread and solve anything.

Happy New Year 2017!